The Experts Behind the A.C.E.S. Compliance Summit

Meet Our Advisory Board

Developed with support from Momentum’s panel of expert thought leaders and industry insiders, our Global Anti-Corruption Compliance and Trade Advisors provide strategic guidance on the overall direction of Momentum’s global international trade event portfolio.

Stephanie Accuosti
Senior Counsel & Director of Ethics

Andrew Baird
Global Compliance Leader

Ben Bard
VP, Global Chief Compliance Officer


John Buretta
Partner, Litigation

Doug Cohan
Deputy Compliance Officer

Garrett Cornelison
Chief Compliance Officer

Michael Donnella
Corporate Compliance Officer

Tom Donovan
Director, Export Management

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Fermeen Fazal
Vice President and Chief Counsel

Ameer Gopalani
Global Ethics & Compliance Director

William T. Gordon
Associate General Counsel and CCO

Steven Gyeszly
Chief Compliance Counsel

Frank Hayden
VP, Trading Compliance

Lisa Stewart Hughes
VP, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer


Marianne Ibrahim
Sr. Counsel Compliance & Investigations

Karen Jones
Director Trade Compliance


Muzzil Khairat
Regional Compliance Counsel

Kartapurkh S. Khalsa
Sr. Csl & Director of Customs Compliance

Luis Kolster
Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer – Latin America, Africa and India


Mike Kostiw
Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer


Sergio Leal
Compliance Officer

Jennifer Maki
International Trade Compliance Senior Counsel


Jay Martin
Chief Compliance Officer & Associate General Counsel

Adrian Mebane
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel


Laura J. Molinari
Executive Counsel, International Trade Compliance

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Jeffrey Odenwald
Director, Export Compliance Americas

Ryan Rabalais
Chief Compliance Officer

David Alan Rassin
Sr. Csl – Director, Ethics and Compliance

Catherine Razzano
Assistant General Counsel & Director, International Law

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Gwen Romack
Senior Director, Ethics & Compliance


Kathylnn Self
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer


Natalia Shehadeh
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer


Jeff Schwartz
Senior Global Trade Counsel

Julia C. Symon
Chief Compliance Officer

Natalie Walker
Associate General Counsel and Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer