Day Two

Wednesday, April 18, 2017


Opening Remarks & Kickoff Day Two


Deep Dive Master Class: The Sanctions Intensive

Back by popular demand, take part in an in-depth exploration of current hot topics spanning the sanctions landscape.

Divided this year into two segments, the first segment of the discussion will be dedicated to addressing up to the minute changes to global sanctions regulations and enforcement in key regions, while the second segment of the session will focus on exploring how corporate executives are effectively maintaining compliance within those same regions.


Morning Networking & Refreshment Break


AI to Preemptively Combat Fraud: Exploring Applications of the Use of “Smart Technology” to Anticipate and Proactively Address Fraud Across Your Global Operations


World-Class Training: Innovations in Approach and Execution 

Go beyond your standard training presentation as you hear from leading compliance officers who possess firsthand experience in building and implementing training programs as they share innovations in both approach and execution. Dive-in to today’s most persistent challenges for ensuring a corporate culture that acknowledges the importance of training as well as valuable tools, techniques and practices for delivering successful training that resonates from the top-down. Topics to be explored during this session will include:

  • Simplification techniques for debunking complex concepts for staff at various levels
  • Training fatigue – packaging and presentation techniques for keeping staff engaged in the training– when and how to add virtual/digital components to program to drive retention
  • Training on a budget – cost-friendly approaches for getting the job done globally
  • Targeted approaches for training staff by functional area and based on location (customized approaches for training c-suite and board level vs. sales and contract teams)

Rebuilding through Remediation: Real-Life Lessons Learned on How to Restore, Reset and Remodel Your Compliance Structure Post-Prosecution/Settlement

As the saying goes, it can be easy to get into trouble, but often much harder to get out of trouble. Featuring a panel of legal and compliance experts, representing a diverse cross-section of industries and subject matter expertise, benefit from the collective experiences of others as you are provided with insights into how your company can successfully recover and restore ethical operations within your global organization post-investigation, settlement or prosecution. Each speaker will provide a story of “reform” that arose out of a scenario that raised bribery, corruption or trade-based allegations as they share lessons learned from the perspective of an executive who successfully survived the following events to repair one’s global corporate operations and drive the organization forward –

  • The issuance of a consent decree
  • A compliance monitorship
  • Substantial monetary fine and high profile prosecution
  • DPA or NPA

Networking Luncheon


Track Sessions Begin

During the following track sessions attendees will have the opportunity to break out into discussions contingent on your particular area of expertise or concern.


Track Session 1

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

Global ABAC Update: Spotlight on Global Regulatory Initiatives Impacting on Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Compliance Across the Globe

Featuring the perspectives of local enforcement authorities, benefit during this session from an overview of new and revised ABAC legislation and enforcement initiatives in the following countries

  • Mexico
  • France
  • UAE
  • Netherlands
  • Germany

Track B: Export Controls/International Trade

Global Trade Spotlight – A Case Study of Evolution in India’s Trade Regime – What Your Company Should Know and Do Now to Capitalize on Changes Driven by Reform of India’s Trade Policy

During this session benefit from a firsthand corporate perspective on current changes underway within the Indian trade regime. Walk away from this session with a comprehensive overview of the evolving trade landscape in India and how your company can best position itself to potentially capitalize on new opportunities and the opening of trade pathways into the local region.



Track Session 2

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

Case Study: Where Export Controls, Corruption & Sanctions Regulation Meet – When Your Customer or Supplier Is Added to a Global Sanctions List: A Step by Step Guide for Successfully Navigating This Scenario in Real-Time

Utilizing real-life facts to explore this complex issue, benefit during this discussion from a case study examination of what to do when a customer or supplier is suddenly put on a global sanctions list.

Questions to be explored during this session will include practical tips for:

  • Conducting a swift and comprehensive international investigation
  • Quickly identifying and uncovering your dealings with the now restricted party
  • Determining records should be examined as priority
  • Ascertaining what information/transactions need to be disclosed to the US government
  • Revising contract provisions to reduce current and future liability

Track B: Export Controls/International Trade

Analyzing the Impact of Brexit on US-UK-Europe Trade Relations and US Business

As the world anxiously awaits the triggering of Article 50, it appears that the UK will almost certainly need to re-negotiate its trade relationship with the EU and the world at large. As the US-based export sector continues to see stalled sales numbers in a slow growth Europe, coupled with the pound’s diminished valued against the US dollar, Brexit has only served to add an additional layer of worry to an already less than desirable position for most US companies. Adding in TTIP as a global consideration for trading nations, one thing is certain about the future of US-UK-Europe trade relations – everything is uncertain at this point.

During this session, learn how a new arrangement between the UK and the EU will impact trade relationships with the US going forward, in particular the free movement of goods and services, between the UK, Europe and the US.

Points for discussion during this session will include:

  • TTIP – myth or reality – perspectives on the current status of negotiations and the impact on transatlantic commerce
  • The UK’s access to the single market – impact on trade deals, tariffs and currency
  • Who will step up as the channel through which the U.S. asserts its economic and political will in Europe?

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break


Roundtable Discussions

During this time attendees will be offered the opportunity to break out into smaller roundtable discussions to engage in more intimate discussion with your peers on the topics that appeal most to you. Select one topic per segment.

  1. Case Study – “So You Want to do Business in Cuba”: Ensuring Compliance with Key U.S. Regulations Before Entering the Market
  2. Buyer and Seller Perspectives On Unique Export Controls Considerations In Outsourcing and Cloud Services Engagements
  3. The Wassenaar Arrangement – Trouble Shooting Solutions for Determining Classification and Exporting Items to Countries Who are Not a Member of the Arrangement
  4. Evolutions in Global Trade Regimes – Focus on Australia

Roundtable Segment 1


Roundtable Segment 2


Closing Remarks & The ACES Summit Concludes. See you in 2018!