April 16-17, 2019 | Washington DC, American University Washington School of Law


In today’s continually evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring an airtight global compliance program is of utmost importance. Whether you focus broadly on international trade or specialize specifically in anti-bribery/anti-corruption, export controls or sanctions, attendees of this 3-in-1 event will benefit from the ability to customize their conference experience and build a program that will best fit their unique domestic and international compliance needs. Featuring the premier insight and expertise from today's leading corporate compliance and government leaders, attendees of Momentum Events' ACES Summit will walk away with practical solutions and cutting-edge strategies for conquering the latest obstacles currently posing a threat to domestic and global corporate operations.

Customize Your Conference

Uniquely formatted to address the convergence of global regulations spanning anti-corruption, export controls and international trade, and sanctions, you will benefit from a 3-in-1 event experience that offers the ability to customize your conference experience by building a two-day program that best fits your domestic and international compliance needs. Earn CLE, CPE & Tasa credits when you attend!

Actionable Tools & Strategies

Gain unparalleled access to world-class organizations and subject matter experts as they share cutting-edge tools and top-level strategies designed to meet the unique needs of the international trade community.

Unrivaled Networking Opportunities

Connect with and learn about the latest challenges and strategies from leaders in the industry and fellow in-house legal experts and compliance officers. We build in plenty of networking time so you can build the business relationships that are key to success. Registration is only open to in-house and corporate counsel and executives.


According to the American Bar Association, only 36% of practicing lawyers are female, and only 15% are minorities. With the FACES of A.C.E.S. award, we’re drawing attention to this gap, and seeking to recognize the women and minorities who have paved the way in their organization.

The award is intended for torchbearers in compliance who have established themselves as a leader and advocate in their company, or a compliance executive who has championed a project, helped build a community, or earned a reputation as a reliable and helpful team member. If you fit the bill, be sure to apply below!



CHAIR: Jennifer Maki

Head of International Trade Compliance AD&M & Senior Counsel | TE Connectivity


Stephanie Accuosti

Associate General Counsel - Compliance | Weatherford


Michael Andersen, CUSECO

Director of Compliance - Empowered Official | Brownells


John Buretta

Partner | Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP


Jason Burgoyne

Director, Export Compliance, Investigations and M&A | Honeywell Aerospace


Truman Butler

VP, Ethics & Compliance | Shire Pharmaceuticals


Giovanna Cinelli

Partner | Morgan Lewis


Garrett Cornelison

Chief Compliance Officer | Quanta Services


Kurt Drake

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer | Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Doreen Edelman

Partner and Chair, Global Trade & Policy Practice | Lowenstein Sandler


Fermeen Fazal

Vice President and Chief Counsel | Universal Pegasus International


Stephanie Hart

Director, Export Compliance | ION Geophysical


Brooke Hopkins

Managing Director, Dallas | AlixPartners


Zarema Jaramillo

Partner, Antitrust & Trade Regulation | Lowenstein Sandler


Michael Kostiw

Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer | AECOM


Jerry Kral

SVP, Chief Risk, Ethics & Compliance Officer | Brown-Forman


Elaina Loizou

Chief Compliance Officer | Pall Corporation


Emily Lough

Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary | Maxwell Technologies, Inc.


Joseph Moan

Associate General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer | Coca-Cola Company


Laura J. Molinari

Executive Counsel, International Trade Compliance | GE Corporate Legal


Ryan Rohlfsen

Partner | Ropes & Gray


David Stuart

Partner | Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP


Rashelle Tanner

Attorney | Office of Legal Compliance | Microsoft


Alexandra Wrage

President & Founder | TRACE International


Julia Yoo

Deputy Head of Sanctions Legal | Citigroup


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Check back regularly for updates on our 2019 agenda.

Registration & Breakfast


Sanctions Master Class: The Latest Developments for 2019 and Beyond

Divided into two segments, the first segment of the discussion will be dedicated to addressing up to the minute changes to global sanctions regulations, enforcement in key regions, including Iran and Russia, while the second segment of the session will explore how corporate executives are effectively maintaining compliance within those same regions by troubleshooting specific scenarios utilizing real-life facts.

  • Giovanna M. Cinelli, Partner | Morgan Lewis


Chairs’ Opening Remarks: The State of A.C.E.S.- Uncovering the Year’s Top 5 International ACES Developments

  • Jennifer Maki, Head of International Trade Compliance AD&M & Senior Counsel, TE Connectivity


Government Compliance Roundtable: Examining the Convergence of ABAC-International Trade and the Current Priorities and Targets for Enforcement, Cooperation, Coordinated Investigations and Voluntary Disclosure

Join key Government agencies representing the range of anti-corruption/anti-bribery, export controls, international trade and sanctions regulation and enforcement. Take note as the panel shares insights on current enforcement targets and priorities, discusses common compliance loopholes and shares perspectives on how companies can achieve best in class compliance.

    • Moderator: John D. Buretta, Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP


Policy in Action-The Modernization of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS): Dissecting the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) and the Implications on Compliance Operations

On August 13, 2018 President Trump signed FIRRMA into law, the first reform of the screening process for CFIUS in over a decade. Listen and learns as industry experts shed light onto the key provisions of FIRRMA and explore the targets and significance of the initial pilot program.

  • Moderator: Doreen M. Edelman, Partner, Chair, Global Trade & Policy, Lowenstein Sandler


Networking Break


Keynote Address: 1MDB-Exposing Malaysia’s Global Corruption Scandal


The CCO’s Playbook: Effective Due Diligence Strategies for Vetting, Screening, Managing and Monitoring Third Party Relationships

Benchmark your current approaches for evaluating potential third parties and partners with those of Chief Compliance Officers representing diverse industries that work routinely with third parties. Including discussion on:

  • Specific risk exposure presented by various types and levels of third parties
  • Unique vetting and screening challenges presented by specific jurisdictions
  • When to stop looking vs. when to look more- discerning red and green flags when conducting background checks
  • Continuously updating your vetting and screening process based on the growing and changing needs of your business
  • Properly vetting and screening state-owned entities
  • Establishing a process to verify third party compliance with your corporate compliance program
  • Implementing a right-to-audit clause

  • Elaina Loizou, Chief Compliance Officer, Pall Corporation
  • Alexandra Wrage, President & Founder, TRACE International


Track One

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery Track A: Update from the Office of the Whistleblower: Uncovering Recent Proposed Changes to the Whistleblower Rules  On June 28, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced proposed amendments to the rules governing the SEC Whistleblower Program. Listen and learn as Jane Norberg, Chief of the Office of the Whistleblower examines these amendments and what they mean for whistleblowers and your whistleblower program.

Time will be reserved for open Q&A with the audience.

  • Moderator: David M. Stuart, Partner, Litigation, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: The Export Control Reform Act (ECRA) of 2018 and How It and Other Recent Events Will Affect Your Compliance Program

Join industry leaders as they dissect ECRA and what it means for U.S Export Controls and trade compliance operations. The panelists will discuss the significant impact of the ECRA on “emerging” and “foundational” technologies that are “essential to the national security of the United States,” the transfer of technology to foreign persons, increased restrictions on export licensing, and increased civil and criminal penalties.

  • Moderator: Zarema A. Jaramillo, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler


Track Two

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

Track A: The Case for Advanced Analytics and Automation: Effectively Managing Bribery, Fraud and AML Risks Across Your System of Internal Controls

Identifying and dealing with ABAC matters before they trigger whistle-blower or regulatory procedures has numerous, clear benefits. Join panelists as they explore and discuss the latest trends, best practices and available technology for combating fraud, bribery and corruption with analytics and automation.

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: An Interview with the DDTC and BIS: An Interactive Dialogue on Current Export Control Priorities and Updates

Benefit from an opportunity to hear directly from key regulatory leaders currently tasked with the oversight and implementation of ECR as they share an update on the current status of, and pending regulatory changes to, the EAR and the ITAR.

Time will be reserved for open Q&A with the audience.


Networking Break


Track Three

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

Track A: FCPA and Global ABAC Best Practices: Gifts, Entertainment & Hospitality

During this interactive exercise join panelists as they explore common missteps and pitfalls when navigating gifts, entertainment and hospitality compliance in the US and abroad. Using live polling technology, participants will have the opportunity to explore practical scenarios and benchmark their current program against that of their peers. Including tips and strategies for developing clear policies and practices, traversing foreign customs and expectations and avoiding enforcement.

  • Brooke Hopkins, Managing Director, Dallas | AlixPartners

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: Global Export Controls Status Report: Ensuring Compliance and Minimizing Risk- What Every Global Trade Compliance Officer Must Know

  • Key Updates on Export Controls in Asia-Pacific
  • Exploring Recent Export Control Trends and Regulatory Developments in the EU, including practices for complying with the EU dual-use regulation
  • Identifying Brexit Related Risks Across your Company


Track Four

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

Track A: International Enforcement Trends: Ensuring your Compliance Program Stays Ahead of Growing Global Anti-Corruption Efforts

Go beyond the FCPA and explore the evolving anti-corruption regulatory and enforcement landscape worldwide. Including discussion on recent enforcement and efforts in Europe, Latin America and Asia to crack down on offenses, as well as an examination of common cultural pitfalls the exchange of best practices and defenses for ensuring compliance when doing business overseas.

      • Garrett Cornelison, Chief Compliance Officer, Quanta Services
      • Truman K. Butler, VP, Ethics & Compliance, Shire Pharmaceuticals
      • Jerry Krall, SVP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Brown-Forman
      • Moderator: Ryan Rohlfsen, Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: Spotlight on InfoSec : Identifying Threats and Mitigating Risks

Lean in and engage your export control peers as strategies are shared for building and maintaining secure cyber protocols. Including discussion on:

    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements
    • The intersection of US export laws and foreign requirement
    • Recognizing and responding to cyber threats and risks
    • Best practices for implementing a successful cyber compliance program


Summit Adjourns to Day Two

Networking Cocktail Hour


Opening Remarks


Hindsight 20/20 with Vantage Drilling: Lessons Learned for Managing High Risk Transactions


Divergent Thinking: Innovative, Cost Effective Training Strategies for Ensuring a Risk Aware Workforce That Can Successfully Manage, Respond To and Promptly Address Threats

  • Simplification techniques for debunking complex concepts for staff at various levels
  • Training fatigue - packaging and presentation techniques for keeping staff engaged in the training– when and how to add virtual/digital components to program to drive retention
  • Training on a budget – cost-friendly approaches for getting the job done globally
  • Targeted approaches for training staff by functional area and based on location (customized approaches for training C-Suite and board level vs. sales and contract teams)


Networking Break


Track One

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery Track A: Practical Scenarios: Addressing Anti-Corruption Compliance Challenges in Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions In an effort to expand into a foreign market, you have recently been notified that your company is considering a potential merger with company X. In order to avoid successor liability, you must now begin the process of due diligence. Designed with group interaction, benchmarking and best practice sharing in mind, walk through the steps your company should take to avoid being held liable for past anti-corruption violations as well as insights for minimizing your risk exposure post-acquisition.

  • Jason Burgoyne, Director, Export Compliance, Investigations and M&A, Honeywell Aerospace

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: What Keeps You Up at Night? Uncovering the Top 5 Export Compliance Challenges Facing the Defense and Aerospace Industry


During this session, take note as senior compliance officers representing the leaders of the defense and aerospace industry discuss the top 5 export compliance challenges facing industry in the current evolving regulatory environment.


Track Two

Track A: Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery Track A: Ask the Experts: Anti-Corruption Compliance, Books and Records Benchmarks Observe global heads of anti-corruption compliance and seasoned experts in financial and forensic accounting as they share best business practices with specific reference to books and records benchmarking.

Track B: Global Trade

Track B: Performing an Effective Trade Compliance Risk Assessment

  • Determining if your current compliance program is meeting the needs of your global trade operations
  • Spotting common “trouble spots” in the global trade realm
  • Benchmarks for taking a deeper look into certain activities – ensuring your team knows what triggering red flags are within your global compliance organization
  • Making the decision when and how to take corrective action based on findings from the assessment
  • Ensuring proper information flow post-assessment – deciding what information should trickle down and up within your organization
  • Knowing when to assess the assessment – maintaining a record, capturing lessons learned and auditing the process for future assessments and duplication across jurisdictions
      • Mike Kostiw, Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, AECOM
      • Jennifer Maki, Head of International Trade Compliance AD&M & Senior Counsel, TE Connectivity


Networking Luncheon


Faces of A.C.E.S. Award


Rebuilding through Remediation: How to Restore, Reset and Remodel Your Compliance Structure Post-Investigation, Settlement or Prosecution

Learn how your organization can benefit from the collective experiences of others as you are provided with insights into how your company can successfully recover and build a robust compliance program within your global organization post-investigation, settlement or prosecution. Each speaker will share lessons learned from the perspective of senior legal and compliance personnel who have helped lead the transformation of global corporate operations and drive the organization forward, including following -

  • The issuance of a consent decree
  • A compliance monitorship
  • Substantial monetary fine and/or high profile investigation
  • DPA or NPA

  • Stephanie Accuosti, Associate General Counsel – Compliance, Weatherford


Networking Break


RegTech Revolution: How Emerging Technologies, Analytics & Measurement Techniques are Redefining the Future of Compliance

Join compliance, regulation and innovation thought leaders as they engage in dialogue on the latest technology disrupting the compliance industry and operations. Including discussion on:

  • Trends vs. mainstays
  • Blockchain technology
  • AI for compliance
  • Risk management software, automated compliance services and advanced analytics solutions
  • Making the case for investment and gaining corporate buy-in


Privacy, Cyber Security and Data Control Best Practices for the ABAC/Global Trade Executive: What You Need to Know as a Non-Privacy Expert Operating in Today’s Global Business Environment

  • The Impact of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on corporate investigations and due diligence
  • Data protection regimes in Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Safeguarding against a third party security breach


Closing Remarks Event Concludes – See you in 2020!


Over 85% of Momentum’s past A.C.E.S. Compliance Summit audiences were comprised of senior-level In-House Counsel, Compliance, Global Trade and Fraud executives within the following industries:

Crafted exclusively for Corporate Counsel, International Trade & Compliance Executives, attendees of Momentum’s A.C.E.S. events have included:

  • Assistant General Counsel, CLARCOR Inc.
  • Assistant General Counsel – Global Trade Compliance, Verizon
  • Assistant General Counsel and Director, International Law, General Dynamics
  • Assistant General Counsel and Vice President, Leidos, Inc.
  • Assistant General Counsel, Director, Delta Air Lines
  • Associate General Counsel, Freddie Mac
  • Associate General Counsel, The Hershey Company
  • Associate General Counsel – Corporate, U.S. Steel Corporation
  • Associate General Counsel – Political Ethics Compliance, Facebook
  • Associate General Counsel, Compliance Investigations, Weatherford International
  • Attorney | Office of Legal Compliance, Microsoft
  • Chief Anti-Bribery and Corruption Investigations Counsel, US Legal Operations, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Chief Compliance Counsel for Global Trade, Pfizer Inc.
  • Chief Compliance Officer, HP Enterprise
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Layne
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Phillips 66 Company
  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, AECOM
  • Chief Export Compliance Officer & Legal Counsel, ZTE Corp.
  • Compliance Counsel, Allegis Group
  • Compliance Counsel, Lidl US
  • Compliance Counsel, PW Power Systems, Inc.
  • Corporate Compliance Director, TGS
  • Corporate Counsel, Anvil International
  • Corporate Counsel, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Corporate Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Maxwell Technologies
  • Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, European Investment Bank
  • Deputy Compliance Officer (Investigations), Hess Corporation
  • Director of Corporate Compliance, Nammo Inc.
  • Director of Policy, Global Trade Organization, AT&T
  • Director Trade Compliance, Advanced Military Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center (AMMROC)
  • Director, Export Compliance, Honeywell Aerospace
  • Director, Export Compliance Americas, Flowserve Corporation
  • Director, Global Anti-Corruption Programs, Xylem, Inc.
  • Director, Global Licensing & Compliance, Sensus
  • Director, Global Sanctions, PayPal
  • Director, Global Trade, AT&T
  • Director, Global Trade Strategy & Compliance, Eastman Chemical Company
  • Director, International Trade Compliance, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
  • Director, Legal Compliance, Discovery Communications Inc.
  • Division General Counsel, N. America & Latin America, gategroup Airlines Solutions
  • Executive Counsel – ITC Compliance, General Electric
  • Executive Counsel, Global Investigations, General Electric
  • General Counsel, GEA Process Engineering Inc.
  • Global Compliance Counsel, Etsy
  • Global Compliance Manager, Matrix Service Company
  • Global Export Compliance Manager, Intel Corporation
  • Global Head of Anti-Corruption Compliance, Vice President, First Data Corporation
  • Global Trade Counsel & Compliance Director, Dell
  • Government and Regulatory Affairs Executive, IBM
  • Head of Compliance Policy, Communication & Regulatory Affairs, Allianz Group
  • Head of International Trade Affairs, DHL Express USA
  • Lead Counsel, Fraud & Compliance, Export-Import Bank
  • Manager, Export Controls & US Sanctions Compliance, AbbVie Inc
  • Policy Advisor, Engage Cuba
  • Principal Global Trade Counsel, Medtronic
  • Regional Anti-Bribery and Corruption Officer – Americas & Head of Political Law Compliance, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Senior Compliance Specialist, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
  • Senior Counsel – Compliance, Bechtel
  • Senior Director, Compliance, Blackberry
  • Senior Director, Consent Agreement Compliance, Raytheon
  • Senior Director, Ethics & Compliance, VMware
  • Senior Director, Latin America Compliance, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Senior International Trade Counsel, SAP America
  • Senior Legal Counsel, Fidelity Investments
  • Senior Manager and Counsel, Global Anti-Corruption and Legal Compliance, eBay
  • SVP – Global Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Citi
  • SVP & Counsel, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions, and Export Compliance, MasterCard
  • SVP & Deputy General Counsel, DISH Network
  • SVP, Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption Governance, Wells Fargo
  • SVP, Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption Governance, Wells Fargo & Company
  • SVP, Legal & Group Chief Compliance Officer, News Corp
  • VP & Associate General Counsel, Ethics & Anti-Corruption, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • VP & Chief Compliance Officer, KBR, Inc.
  • VP & Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, NBCUniversal Media LLC
  • VP | Senior Compliance Manager | Program Management, TD Bank
  • VP and Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer, Prudential Financial
  • VP- Financial Crime Legal, Americas, Barclays
  • VP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Johnson Controls
  • VP, Corporate Counsel, Feld Entertainment, Inc.
  • VP, Deputy Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Walmart International
  • VP, Global Compliance Operations & Investigations, Zimmer Biomet
  • VP, Global Trade & Compliance, and AGC, Eastman Chemical Company
  • VP, Int’l Trade Law & Head of Global Legal Practice Group – Trade Law, Deutsche Post DHL – Global Business Services
  • VP, International Compliance, DynCorp International LLC
  • VP, International Law, Orbital ATK, Inc.
  • VP, International Regulatory Affairs, Vista Outdoor Inc.


Registration is only open to in-house and corporate counsel, compliance, trade, and export specialists. To see if you quality for registration, or if you have any questions, please email Bailey Hubner, Marketing Manager, at bailey@momentumevents.com.

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Registration is only open to in-house and corporate counsel. To see if you quality for registration, or if you have any questions, please email Bailey Hubner, Marketing Manager, at bailey@momentumevents.com.



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