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  • Anti Money Laundering Compliance For Digital Assets January 23, 2020
    The post Anti Money Laundering Compliance For Digital Assets appeared first on Momentum Events.
  • The Psychedelic Opportunity Summit January 21, 2020
    The post The Psychedelic Opportunity Summit appeared first on Momentum Events.
  • Fearless in FinTech West December 27, 2019
    Jul 14 The post Fearless in FinTech West appeared first on Momentum Events.
  • Gro Pro 20/20 December 27, 2019
    At GroPro 20/20, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officers will uncover the latest advancements disrupting the industry while engaging in proven strategies for leveraging thought leadership, talent, data and technology for retaining clients and increasing revenue. The post Gro Pro 20/20 appeared first on Momentum Events.
  • Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC) December 27, 2019
    Momentum’s 5th Annual Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC) 2020 evolved along with the times to provide you a program that addresses the most creative and effective ways to reach today’s consumer and to measure the impact of your efforts. Top minds from the forefronts of both marketing and data science will share their priorities and processes […]
  • MAC Attribution Beyond Cookies Bootcamp December 27, 2019
    For most of the digital age, marketers have relied on cookies to track general trends on how users were engaging with their brands across various digital channels. However, the demise of the cookie began with the increasing use of various smart devices making it nearly impossible to piece together fragmented pieces of data to create […]
  • CFIUS & Foreign Investment December 27, 2019
    Does your company maintain or collect sensitive personal data of US citizens? Do you produce, design or manufacture a critical technology? Are you involved in the development, construction or repair of critical infrastructure such as airports, data centers and undersea cables? If the answer is yes to any of these, then the newest proposed regulations […]
  • ACES 2020 December 27, 2019
    In today’s continually evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring an airtight global compliance program is of utmost importance. Whether you focus broadly on international trade or specialize specifically in anti-bribery/anti-corruption, export controls or sanctions, attendees of this 3-in-1 event will benefit from the ability to customize their conference experience and build a program that will best fit […]
  • Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms & Professional Services December 2, 2019
    As the conversation on mental health slowly emerges from the shadows and into the mainstream, no profession is perhaps more impacted by the devastating effects of depression, anxiety, addiction – among others – than the legal profession. Empirical and statistical evidence continues to support the widely known belief that lawyers are at higher risk for […]
  • The Advanced Legal Strategy Summit on Litigation November 11, 2019
    Litigation is something most companies want to avoid; unfortunately, it is a reality that we all have to be prepared for; therefore, understanding some of the things that can propel you to the winning side of a trial is beneficial to corporations and law firms. During the Advanced Legal Strategy Summit on Litigation and Finance, […]

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