Third Party Due Diligence Checklist: The Chief Compliance Officers’ Guide for Establishing Effective Vetting and Screening Processes and Procedures

Join Chief Compliance Officers as they participate in a practical and engaging discussion on best practices for evaluating potential third parties and partners. Including tips and tricks for successfully:

  • Identifying specific risk exposure presented by various types and levels of third parties
  • Managing unique vetting and screening challenges presented by specific jurisdictions
  • Discerning red and green flags when conducting background checks
  • Updating your vetting and screening process based on the growing and changing needs of your business
  • Vetting and screening state-owned entities
  • Establishing a process to verify third party compliance with your corporate compliance program

Pia Vining, Senior Director, Due Diligence, Trace International

Holli Lewis, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Brown-Forman
Randi Roberts,Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Compliance, PVH
Joe Omurchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance and Ethics | DPO, Lidl

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