Brian Merrill

@ Managing Director, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP

Brian Merrill is a Managing Director in the New York Data Analytics practice of Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP with more than 15 years of experience assisting clients with technology, litigation, and electronic data analysis. Brian has led engagements for clients analyzing hundreds of millions of records to identify and extract key business insights to better understand trends, issues and anomalies within a business.

Brian is a Certified Fraud Examiner who specializes in data management and analysis services for various dispute and litigation engagements including forensic accounting and financial investigations, FCPA investigations, bankruptcy cases and fraud analysis.  With a focus on systems and relational database analysis, his technical experience includes the design, development, and implementation of information management systems with extensive experience in data mining, modeling, machine learning, analysis, and application development.

Brian has demonstrated expertise working domestically and internationally on sensitive client service matters regarding internal investigations, forensic and corporate investigations, intellectual property litigation, trade analysis and FCPA services across a number of industries, while managing the privacy, information security, analysis and execution of large multinational teams serving these clients. Brian has also written expert reports regarding the technical evaluation and analysis of data to support and respond to legal matters.

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